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PERSONAL INSURANCE REVIEW: Please take a moment to assure that your insurance program amply protects your lifestyle and property. With this important but brief questionnaire, you will take the first step in an informative review, during which we will help you decide which coverage is best for you. At the end of the review, you can tell us the best way for one of our team members to get in touch to go over your options.

Protecting Other People
Did you know... More than 75% of trampoline accidents happen with more than one person on the trampoline? Dog attacks on humans, including those which have resulted in deaths, have become more common?
Protecting Your Property
Did you know... Your homeowner's policy has a limitation on how much it will pay to replace certain items such as jewelry, guns and collections? If you have a vacant house or property without buildings you could have a significant exposure? Hopefully you will never have a fire, but if you do, you will benefit from having a record of all of your possessions. It is important that we know about any home-based businesses to be certain that computers and other equipment are covered.
Protecting Yourself and Your Family
Did you know... More homes are lost every year due to the death of a spouse than are lost by fire? A person age 65 today faces a 40% chance of spending time in a nursing home during their lifetime.
Changes to Your Situation
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