"We are honored to be named a Best Practices Agency. We have a wonderful staff of dedicated, hard-working professionals who have made this possible." - Rich Deming, President of First West, Inc. 

"I wanted to take a moment and let you know how much our staff and I have appreciated Kevin in the help he has provided to our store.  We have asked him to do a variety of safety training projects for Heeb's recently and he has been very beneficial to us.  It is surprising the services he is able to provide at no extra charge.  That is something I have not had made available to me by other insurance agents that I have done business with in the past.  Kevin has the ability to explain the information he has in a very clear and simple way.  I feel my staff is able to learn and retain the topic of conversation better because of his style of training. We are a locally owned business and it is great to work with another." - Mitch Bradley, Owner, Heeb's East Main Grocery

"First West took great care of me as a Montana homeowner and later as a Montana homeowner living 2,500 miles away from the home itself. When I needed to make a claim after a hailstorm damaged my roof, they could not have been more efficient, fast, personal, and caring."  - Thomas B. Trethaway

"Having an insurance company that you can call on and depend upon when you need them the most that is what it is all about.  At First West Insurance, they are there from start to finish.   I appreciate having a friend I can count on.  Thanks First West Insurance!"  - Tracey Baker, Gallatin Asphalt Inc.

"This is perhaps the first time I can remember an insurance agent taking a proactive approach on my behalf. You brought the concern to my attention before I was aware of it and solved the problem before it became one."  - Larry Watson

"I just wanted to let you know what a pleasure it has been dealing with Shelly Driskell.  Our situation is somewhat complicated and yet she was patient, kind, helpful, persistent and undaunted.  You don't find that much in the world these days or in my field (medicine).  I really appreciated all she did for us!"  - Lisa Loring, M. D.

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